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Wills and Probate

AWB Legal for Will making, estate planning law and will challenges

Making a Will - for Singles, Couples, Families

Each person should have a valid Will, indicating how they wish their personal property should be distributed
after their death. AWB Legal can provide guidance when making a Will.
We have experience drafting Wills for testators (Will-makers) to suit their personal wishes and circumstances.
Whether you are single or in a relationship, we will tailor your Will to best reflect your wishes and advise you
about any issues that could arise in the administration of your estate.

Probate and Letters of Administration

Probate is the procedure by which a deceased person's estate is dealt with according to their last Will.
AWB Legal provides administration services for executors dealing with a loved one's estate. We will do all the hard work for you. We understand the process and procedure for obtaining Probate, 'gathering in' the estate's assets and distributing them to the beneficiaries in a Will.

No Will? If a deceased person has not left a valid Will then their estate is distributed according to a set of 'standard rules' and the procedure is to apply for 'Letters of Administration'.

In either circumstance we can provide assistance and let you know the best way in which to approach dealing with your loved one's estate.

Will Disputes

Have you been left out of a Will?

Depending on your personal circumstances, it is possible to make an application to the Court to have provision made from a deceased's estate, sometimes called a 'Will challenge' or 'Part IV claim.'
We can examine your case and advise as to options that may be open to you. There have been recent amendments to 'Family Provision' legislation in Victoria, and we can discuss these changes with you.

We also have experience defending Will challenges and are sensitive to the broader issues that surround the passing of a loved one.

Power of Attorney / Enduring Guardianship

If, because of accident or illness, you needed a loved one to make important life decisions for you, we can create a binding authority for you that will only become effective if you lose your 'legal capacity.'

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