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Power of Attorney / Enduring Guardianship

Planning for the future

If, because of accident, age or illness, you needed a loved one to make important life decisions for you, we can assist you to create a binding authority that will become effective if you lose your 'legal capacity.'

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Enduring Power of Attorney / Appointment of Enduring Guardian / Medical Power of Attorney

Broadly speaking, there are 3 categories of decision a person (called an 'attorney' or 'agent') may be called upon to make: financial and business, 'lifestyle' and medical.

We will discuss with you the different 'instruments' which allow you to delegate your decision-making to those close to you.

AWB Legal, Barristers & Solicitors of Northcote can assist with Power of Attorney & Guardianship

VCAT Applications - Loss of Legal Capacity

If a close family member or friend has lost their legal capacity but has not made an Enduring Power of Attorney or Guardianship, an application on their behalf can be made to VCAT to appoint you or another person as their estate administrator or guardian.
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General Power of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney can delegate your authority to engage in particular transaction or manage your affairs for a fixed period, or until you revoke the power.

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Wills for Singles, Couples, Families;
Probate and Letters of Administration

For information about how to make a will, obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration, or Will disputes, please refer to our 'Wills and Probate' page here - Wills