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Breach of Contract, Trade Practices, Debt Recovery, Building Disputes, Challenging a Will, Australian Consumer Law

Disagreements may be large or small.
Whether you seek to instigate or defend an action ('plaintiff' or 'defendant'), AWB Legal will conduct litigation on your behalf.
We take a holistic approach; we consider the range of alternatives and present you with the best options for resolving the matter as your case progresses. Your options for resolution may change during the litigation process. We will keep you regularly updated with legal advice as your litigated matter progresses.
We will examine all the facts and circumstances of your case and guide you as we seek the best possible outcome to your dispute.

AWB Legal Northcote litigation lawyers - commercial litigation, debt recovery, litigation in all courts and tribunals, VCAT lawyers

AWB Legal will also advise you about the various alternatives to resolving your dispute through litigation. Whenever possible, we will examine the options for reaching an amicable negotiated settlement, saving time, money and stress. Frequently it's a wise move to consider alternatives to court-based litigation.

Supreme Court, County Court, Magistrates' Court, Federal Court, VCAT

If litigation in unavoidable, we have experience running cases in all jurisdictions, including the Magistrates', County and Supreme Courts of Victoria, the Federal Court of Australia and the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Recent changes to the law in Victoria have made Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation even more relevant than before. We can negotiate or mediate on your behalf, and can arrange representation by specialist counsel (barristers) when appropriate.