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Property Law & Planning Issues

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Building and Property

Domestic Building Disputes

AWB Legal are lawyers with experience acting for both home-owners and builders in domestic building disputes.

AWB Legal, Building, Construction & Property Solicitors-Northcote, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Melbourne

The majority of building and construction disputes can be settled by negotiation but where necessary we will instigate or defend your matter in the Victorian Civil and Adminstrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Commercial Developments

AWB Legal. Northcote lawyers handling commercial development & construction law Melbourne

AWB Legal assists commercial property developers with residential and commercial building projects, redevelopments and refurbishments.
We provide advice regarding building Essential Safety Measure (ESM), office & worksite refurbishments, Owners Corporations, small 2 and 3-lot residential subdivisions and larger townhouse block developments.

Property Matters

If you have a general enquiry relating to your house or apartment, a dispute with a neighbour or the local council, ask us for help. With knowledge and experience in both Victoria and New South Wales, we can provide advice and options for you regarding:

Property Law - fencing disputes, owners corporation management, caveats & easements, land law
  • Owners Corporation law
  • Fencing disputes
  • Zoning and Heritage Overlay information
  • Caveats, easements and encumbrances of land
  • Adverse Possession
  • Retail & commercial leases
AWB Legal Northcote can assist you with extensive legal experience in property law issues